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Project roadmap

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The first course, Introduction to DITA, is intended for people who have no previous knowledge of DITA.

The second, third, and fourth courses are a series on DITA authoring, including:

  • The DITA concept topic type
  • The DITA task topic type
  • The DITA reference and glossary topic types

The fifth course, Using DITA maps and bookmaps, introduces people to maps, bookmaps, and relationship tables.

The sixth course, Introduction to reuse in DITA, introduces the concepts of reuse, including writing reusable topics, reusing topics and maps, and using content references. easyDITA has contributed the foundation material for this course.

The seventh course, Advanced reuse in DITA, covers conditional filtering, keys, and advanced content references.

The eighth course, Publishing output from DITA sources, covers DITA publishing basics, including choosing a publishing environment, installing and generating output from a standalone DITA OT, and customizing DITA plugins.

These courses use hands-on practice to introduce elements and help people start authoring in DITA. The Introduction to DITA course is a prerequisite for these courses.

Here are the plans for additional courses. If you would like to contribute to one of these courses, please add your name.

DITA content management

In progress: Martin Kreutzer of Empolis is working on this. Details to come.

What's new in DITA 1.3

  • Troubleshooting
  • XML Mention

In progress: Keith Schengili-Roberts of IXIASOFT is working on this. More to come over time.



Learning content in DITA

DITA learning specialization, how to create learning content and assessments


Best practices and strategies for DITA localization.

#Documenting an API/XML schema using DITA