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Scrive Core

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What is Scriv?

The technology of assuring, verification and timestamping of any digital data in unified blockchain, powered by IPFS technology. Main attention is payed to safety, impartiality and cost-efficiency of data assuring, without an attraction of third-party.

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SCRIV network is open for everyone. From emergency to everyday use, from large companies to educational institution applications. It can be used by lawyers, copywriters, music artists, etc.

Here is several usecases from its numerous amount:

Demonstrating data ownership without revealing actual data

Can be used in resellers’ digital goods’ markets. The costumer can always be sure that reseller owns the original data computing its hash in live and comparing with hash, provided by data manufacture.

Document timestamping

Can be used law sphere where originality of data plays core role. SCRIV network can all provided digital data (documents, photos, videos) was not modified since it’s registration date.

Checking for document integrity

Can be used in business sphere. SCRIV network will annihilate situations when contract was created with one conditions, but was changed and presented to signer with other ones.

Freeing from duplication

Everyone knows the problem of storage document duplicates on different storages, or even on the same storage. The usage of SCRIV blockchain in combination with IPFS network ensures clean, transparent and free-from-duplicates operations with files.


Scriv Core is released under the terms of the MIT license. See COPYING for more information or see