SCRIV Masternode Setup Guide HOT WALLET

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All steps to be done one by one.

This markup will help you with easier guide understanding:

Code - any input or output.

Recommendation - good practices for easier use.

Important - thing to pay additional attention.

Requirements for running SCRIV cold wallet masternode on Linux VPS:

  • PC under Windows OS running 24/7 or VPS with Windows OS;
  • Last version of SCRIV wallet;
  • 100 000 SCRIV coins.

Setup Linux-based VPS

Using of Windows VPS is highly recommended. It will get rid you from problems with electricity, internet breaks, hardware problems. Also u can connect to your masternode from any place and any device. One VPS can run several different masternodes, so you don’t have to buy separate VPS every time. This guide will show how to setup Vultr VPS, but you can use any other service.

  1. Visit Vultr website and create an account:
  2. Go to “Billing” and use any convenient method to top-up your account (10USD will be enough for first time).
  3. Go to “Servers” and press “+” (top right corner) to deploy new server.
  4. Choose server location (You can choose closest to you) -> Choose server type (Windows 2012) -> Server size (leave as it is) -> Enter server name or leave it blank -> Press “Deploy now”.
  5. Server will be deployed in a while.
  6. Go to server’s details page. You will see server’s IP Address, Username and Password.
  7. For accessing VPS “Remote Desktop Connection” or any other application can be used.

Install SCRIV wallet on your Windows OS machine

Download SCRIV wallet

Launch and setting up SCRIV wallet

Launch scriv-qt.exe.

If “Windows protected your PC” will pop-up, press “Learn more” -> Press “Run anyway”.

Leave default or set custom directory for ScrivCore folder.

Wait for wallet to get fully synchronized. It will take a while, depends of network condition and blockchain length:

Go to “Setting” -> “Options” -> “Wallet” -> In “Expert” section switch on “Enable coin control features” and “Show Masternodes Tab” -> Hit “OK”:

Taking safety precautions

Wallet encryption

Inside wallet go to “Settings” -> Press “Encrypt wallet”.

In appeared window type and repeat password -> Press “OK” -> Read warning and agree, pressing “OK”.

Your wallet will be closed.

Wallet backup

Through Windows Explorer navigate to ScrivCore folder (by default its located in C:\Users\*YOUR_USERNAME*\AppData\Roaming\ScrivCore).

Backup wallet.dat to the safe place (External HDD, cloud storage, etc).

Masternode setup process

Go to “Receive” tab -> Enter any masternode name in “Label” field -> Press “Request payment” button.

“Request Payment” windows will pop-up. Press “Copy address” button -> Press “Close” button.

Go to: “Send” tab -> Right-click to “Pay to” field -> “Paste”

Your masternode’s name will appear in “Label” field.

Type “100000” in “Amount” field -> Hit “Send button”

“Unlock wallet” window will appear -> Type your password -> Hit “OK”

“Confirm send coins” window will appear -> Check all requisites and Press “Yes”

Wait for 6 network confirmations. You can check it by proceeding to “Transactions” tab and double-clicking on your transfer transaction. Wait for status to got 6+ confirmations, and to appear.

Go to “Tools” -> ”Debug console”

Type masternode genkey -> Copy and safe the response to text document.

Type masternode outputs -> Copy and safe the response to text document.

Go to “Tools” -> Press “Open Wallet Configuration File”. Notepad will be opened.

Wright following lines:










Save and close this file.

Go to “Tools” -> Press “Open Masternode Configuration File”. Notepad will be opened.

Wright following lines:

your_mn_name your_external_ip:7979 your_masternode_key your_collateral_output your_index

Save and close this file.

Close SCRIV wallet.

After wallet launch and synchronization, go to “Masternodes” tab.

You will see your masternode with “MISSING” status.

Right-click it and press “Start alias” -> Confirm by clicking “Yes” -> If everything is setted up fine, you will have “Successfully started masternode” message -> Hit “OK”.

In several hours you masternode will start to receive rewards.

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