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#About ScrumDo

ScrumDo is an Agile/Scrum story management web application. ScrumDo.com lets you use a version that we host. ScrumDo.org has developer information on how to set up your own installation.


The site has to be dead-simple to use with the minimal amount of functionality needed to get the job done.

Adding a story must be simple as typing in a sentence and hitting enter.

Changing the ranking or assigning to an iteration must be no harder than dragging an item in a list.

Why Scrumdo

We believe Scrumdo's simplicity and high quality lends itself in projects to

  • Managing change better
  • Delivering faster
  • Predicting delivery better
  • Keeping the product owner in control while minimizing overhead
  • Improving team communications

What we aren't

To keep the site simple, we don't try to be everything to everyone.

This is not a defect tracking application. This is not a full software development life cycle tool. This is not a source code viewer.

We plan on making integrations to some other tools that do provide those capabilities.

##Task Orientated Tools

We don't want to aim our core story/iteration interface to every type of task out there. Instead, we'll develop task orientated tools that specifically address different things you want to accomplish.

ScrumDo is an Agile/Scrum story management application. It's a lean tool that helps you get things done, not an enterprise behemoth with Scrum as an afterthought.

Currently, there is:

  • Multi-user Planning Poker

  • Innovative Iteration Planning

  • Epic, Story, Task Management

  • Import & Export to XLS & RSS

  • News Feeds & Custom e-mail management for Projects, Sprints, Epics, Stories, Tasks

  • Scrum Log for Daily Scrums, Retrospectives, Sprint Reviews, Sprint Planning meetings

  • Sprint Reviews, Sprint Planning

  • API and Addons

  • Very fast cloud infrastructure, 99.9% uptime

  • Very popular integration with Github, Basecamp, Harvest etc


The core application is open-source under the LGPL Version 2.1

You can run your own ScrumDo server.

Eventually, there will be a third party integration API

We don't want to hold your data hostage. We plan on making an import/export mechanism so you can take your account data off of scrumdo.com and put it on your own server.

##Support the agile process ScrumDo wants to support your Agile/Scrum process. The tool should not become the process. Often times, so much is invested in a complex enterprise tool that the tool begins to drive your development process instead of the other way around.

##Style We like sites like Basecamp and GitHub. Simple, well thought out web interfaces that get the job done. We don't want dozens of different configuration options, customizations, and doodads.

##About Us This site is developed by Marc Hughes and Ajay Reddy, two passionate developers who believe in Agile Development.

We do this because:

  • We love building software
  • We wanted to work on a project together
  • We love Scrum

##Funding Right now, we're entirely self funded. We're doing this because we believe in Agile and want to make the tool. At some point, we'll need to find some funding sources to help offset the hosting fees. We hope we can do this through donations, but will consider sponsorship/ads or paid premium accounts if we need to. We want to keep the core functionality free forever.

Because we're trying to keep costs low, we've made some decisions to help keep our computing footprint low. This includes things like calculating velocity and burn up charts nightly instead of continuously.