ScrumDo Development Notes

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Here are a set of notes we keep to help remember some stuff...

Development branch: master
Production branch: production

Public Server:

Developer environment set up guide: Set Up

Data model diagram: Models

Special URLS - Displays statistics about # of users, projects, and stories over time - generates #### test stories. Try not to do this on the public server so we don't run into capacity problems.


Never edit files in pinax-env, there's usually a way to copy that into the site first and have it override those files. pinax-env is uniuquely generated for each user.

The server doesn't use, it uses mod_wsgi on apache, so don't edit that and expect things to carry over. Server Technologies:
Running on a Linux instance of Amazon EC2

Server Technologies
DJango - python web framework
Pinax - A set of Django apps used as a starting point
Blog with some pinax tutorials:

Client Technologes:
JQuery - Javascript library
JQuery UI - UI lib built on JQuery
FaceBox - Those nice in page popups
Flot - javascript charting

Icon Reference: - use {% silk "iconname" %} to add one.

Common Problems:
You run the server, and it fails like so:

python runserver
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 12, in 
    from django.conf import settings
ImportError: No module named django.conf

You forgot to source the pinax-env/bin/activitate this session

Django Command Extensions
The Django Command Extensions are installed in the app, some great stuff here, watch this screencast:

Update Schema
django_evolution is installed, it helps to manage schema changes.

python syncdb - this is a normal django command that will create new tables. You still need to do this.

python evolve --hint Run this to see if an evolution is neccessary.
python evolve --hint --sql Run this to see what it would do.
python evolve --hint --execute Run this to actually do it.

If you pip install is complaining about python.h install python-dev package.