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My entry to Ludum Dare 41 - A Solitaire Dungeon Crawler!
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Dungeon Solitaire

This game is a mashup of Solitaire and a Dungeon Crawler. You can play the competition version or the latest version online.

This game was developed for Chrome and has sound effects and music.

How to play

The player must collect cards by killing enemies spread throughout a dungeon, and use them to complete a game of Solitaire by interacting with the walls of the card room.

The player can carry up to 13 cards simultaneously but they must stack like an upside down solitaire stack; if the top card in the player's inventory is a red 6, the next card must be a black 7, for example.

To aid the player, there are power-ups strewn about the world. Yellow stars increase the player's max health. Blue plusses fully heal the player. Purple stars upgrade the player's weapon.


There are three different kinds weapon that the player can have:

  • Fists do a single hitpoint of damage and have a range of 1 block.
  • The dagger does twice as much damage with half the range.
  • The pistol does a single hitpoint of damage, but at long range.

Player Death

If the player dies, all power-ups are lost and the player respawns in the card room. Note however that the player keeps all the cards that they are carrying when they die.

Post-Compo Changes

Since this game was created as an entry to Ludum Dare 41, this section lists code changes that have happened since the competition ended.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are allowed under the competition rules. These changes affect both the competition version and the latest version which are linked at the top of the README.

  • Removed dependence on window.event and added a compatibility workaround to make the game work in Firefox.

Feature Changes

Feature changes are not allowed after the competition deadline. These changes are only reflected in the latest version. If you are judging the competition, please decide scores based on the competition version.

  • Hitting enemies (with any weapon) now has knockback.
  • Enemies now bob up and down when moving.
  • Changed HUD to show what type of card the player can pick up next.
  • Made a sound play when dropping a card.
  • Added mouse support.
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