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@@ -60,9 +60,7 @@ Build-Depends: autoconf, automake, autopoint, autotools-dev, cmake, curl,
python-support, unzip, yasm, zip, zlib1g-dev, libcap-dev
*** For developers and anyone else who compiles frequently it is recommended to
-use ccache. Also, it is recommended developers install the Boost Unit Test
-Framework to be able to run the testsuite. On Debian/Ubuntu machines, the
-package to install the framework is libboost-test-dev.
+use ccache
3.1. Using the XBMC PPA to get all build dependencies (Debian/Ubuntu only)
@@ -114,13 +112,6 @@ For example.
$ make install DESTDIR=$HOME/xbmc
-4.1 Compiling/Running the testsuite.
-For developers, to compile and run the testsuite, simply type the following.
- $ make check
5. How to run
How to run xbmc depends on the type of installation you have done. It is

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