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October 9, 2016 09:41
  • PigRaising

    A Little Wechat App Created On A Hackathon Held By iFanr x Segmentfault in GuangZhou.

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    • App Related

      • App Version: 1.0.0
      • Develop Environment: WeChat-Web-Development-Tools + Egret Wing 3
    • App Introduction

      • Every pig represent a continuous time period, choose a pig and raise it up!
      • Click the start button to choose a time period you like(also meaning choose a pig). After clicking the confirm button, the clock start to count down. During the period, you can`t use any functions which may interrupt the app(eg: switch to the background or exit the app). Once you switch, the lovely pig will die. The little pig will grow up once you reach the 20%, 40%, 80% of the time. After the time period completely passed away, the clock will stop, and the lovely pig will appear in the farm. Enjoy :-P!
    • Main Function

      • Pig Clock: Main Screen, using to count down, a pure audio will play along with couting(Completed).
      • Pig Farm: To display the pig you raised(Completed).
      • Pig Farm History: To display the pig you raised befored(Completed).
      • Kill Pig Event: To monitor the app lifecycle. Once you switch it to the background, switch view or exit the app, the pig will die along with playing a horrible audio(Completed).
      • Week Overview: To display how many pigs time you raised focused this week(Developing).
      • Storage Optimization: To reduce the flow wasted on this app(Developing).
      • Share: Use to share on the Wechat/ QQ/ Sina(Uncompleted).
      • Steel Pigs: To steal your friends pigs(Uncompleted).
    • How To Use

      1. Git clone/Just Download.

      2. Use WeChat-Web-Development-Tools(V 9.0) to open the downloaded folders.

      3. Fill up the blank with following settings.

      4. Enjoy, hope you like it!


    • Assets

    • Thanks

      • My teammate
      • iFanr x Segmentfault
        • Thanks to the hackathon held by them allows us to create the demo!
      • Supporters
        • Thanks to you all who downloaded our demo!


A Little Wechat App Created On A Hackathon Held By iFanr x Segmentfault in GuangZhou






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