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Variables Lab


Now that we know about variables, we want to put them to use by associating them with some data. Here, we will be using variables to store information related to a vacation that we would like to go on.

Just as before, we ask you to run the code and ensure that it matches what is commented out.

Learning Objectives

  • Practice variable assignment in Python
  • Practice variable reassignment in Python

Assigning variables

Assign a variable of travel_month equal to the string "January", as that is the month we would like to travel.

travel_month = None

We start by setting the variable equal to the data type None. As we know, None represents the absence of a value. Now we can take care of assigning the variable to something other than None.

travel_month # "January"

Now let's assign a variable equal to the number of weeks that we would like to travel, 3.

number_of_weeks = None
number_of_weeks # 3

UPDATE: we just learned that we can travel for a longer period of time. So, we need to reassign the number_of_weeks variable equal to 5.

number_of_weeks # 5

Now that's more like it.


Great! In this lab, we were able to get a sense how to store information in variables through assignment and reassignment.