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Copyright (c) 2014-2022 Seagate Technology LLC and/or its Affiliates

All the great tools we have for the field. We provide binary files for seachest and openseachest

SeaChest vs openSeaChest

Which tool do you need? SeaChest or openSeaChest?

The good news is these tools are nearly identical to the closed source version. The difference is the closed source version includes some capabilities not available in openSeaChest, such as Seagate Clean.

SeaChest can also be found on the Seagate website.

openSeaChest is the open source version of Seagate's SeaChest tools, available here. These tools are updated and more options and capabilities are being added all the time.

If you cannot find a binary for your operating system in this repository, you may need to build them. Build instructions are available, but if you run into trouble, please open an issue on that repository.

Security Policy

Seagate's security policy can be found in

Code Of Conduct

Please be respectful towards other in issues, discussions, etc. The code of conduct is available at



For issues with openSeaChest, it is best to file issues on the openSeaChest repository, found here.


If you have an issue with SeaChest, we strongly recommend contacting Seagate support.

If you have an issue running the binaries in this repository, please file an issue and we will look into updating them.

If you have a drive not showing up in the software or some other compatibility problem, please report it here with as many system details as possible so we can look into it if it is not already a known issue.


Please contact Seagate support for all SeaTools support.