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SEQR Opencart 1.5.x Plugin


SEQR is Sweden’s and Europe’s most used mobile wallet in stores and online. SEQR enables anybody with a smartphone to pay in stores online and in-app. Users can also transfer money at no charge, store receipts digitally and receive offers and promotions directly through one mobile app.

SEQR offer the merchant 50% in reduction to payment card interchange and no capital investment requirements. SEQR as method of payment is also completely independent of PCI and traditional card networks.

SEQR is based on Seamless’ technology, a mobile phone payment and transaction service using QR codes & NFC on the front-end and Seamless’ proven transaction server on the back-end. SEQR is the only fully-integrated mobile phone payment solution handling the entire transaction chain, from customer through to settlement. Through our state of the art technology, we have created the easiest, secure, and most cost effective payment system.

Learn more about SEQR on


Plugin provide possibility for shop clients to select SEQR as payment method, and after order placement pay it via scanning QR code (or directly from your mobile device).

  • SEQR as payment method on checkout page.

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  • Payment via scanning of QR code.

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  • Payment from

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Installation & Configuration

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Plugin can be installed by copping all plugin files to the opencart directory.

Plugin configuration properties available on Opencart administration page Extensions > Payments > SEQR.

Contact Seamless on to get the right settings for the SOAP url, Terminal ID and Terminal Password.

Paid order and cancelled order statuses, used to marking orders in Opencart (It visible in orders history).

Title is shown as option of payment method in checkout process.

All properties are required and should be configured before enabling this payment method in production.

Tested with

  • Opencart [April 23, 2014]
  • Opencart 1.5.4 [August 16, 2012]

Development & File structure

Plugin based on javascript plugin for SEQR integration. Please check it for understanding how work web component For more information about SEQR API please check