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All new development on cargo-brew is being done by Kornelski at


Easily integrate cargo install installed binaries into Homebrew!


Unfortunately you'll have to use cargo install just this once:

$ cargo install cargo-brew --root $(brew --cellar)/cargo-brew/0.1.2
$ brew link cargo-brew


cargo-brew currently passes all arguments straight through to cargo install and therefore supports all arguments that cargo install does, except for --root since cargo-brew uses that to install things to the right place.

In theory cargo-brew should remove any --root options that you pass but in practice this hasn't been thoroughly tested. At best it'll have no effect but at worst you'll royally screw things up, so just don't bother.

Installing a program is as simple as:

$ cargo brew --git

and uninstalling as simple as:

$ brew uninstall rustfmt


To upgrade cargo-brew, simply cargo brew cargo-brew and cargo-brew will be cargo brewed into the latest version number:

$ cargo brew cargo-brew