Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrency prices via the terminal using Kraken's API
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Bitcoin, Etherium and other cryptocurrency quotes via the terminal using Kraken's API


  • Python 3
  • requests
  • appdirs


The easiest way to install cryptoquote is via pip3:

pip3 install git+

This has the advantage of using pip's package manager, so the tool can later be uninstalled. Alternatively, the tool can be installed without package support by directly running

$ cd /path/to/cryptoquote
$ python3 install

You may need to run with root permission (e.g. with sudo).


Cryptoquote has a command line interpreter. Call:

$ cq help

to get started.


For simple quote retrieval, call:

$ cq quote <base> <quote>

where <base> is the base asset identifier (e.g. BTC) and <quote> is the quote asset identifier (e.g. USD). For example, to get the current price of bitcoin in US dollars, call:

$ cq quote BTC USD

This will output something like:

BTC price on Kraken as of 16/10/17 10:41:56:
        Ask: $5607.50
        Bid: $5606.30
        Last: $5604.90
        Today low: $5550.00 (last 24h: $5462.10)
        Today high: $5708.10 (last 24h: $5731.28)

The date shown conforms to the user's locale.

You can specify a particular exchange with the -e or --exchange flag, or alternatively specify -e all to retrieve quotes from all available exchanges.

Available exchanges

Type cq list exchanges to get a list of supported exchanges. Currently Kraken, LocalBitcoins and Coinbase are supported.

Available assets

Type cq list assets to get a list of supported assets.

Python module

Cryptoquote can also be imported as a Python 3 module.