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"""This is a container module for functions related to parsing the output of
the compiler wrapper. The load_project_data function provides the interface.
__author__= "Sean Heelan"
__email__ = ""
import os
import logging
class CompileArgsError(Exception):
def load_project_data(data_file):
"""Load the output of the compiler wrapper and put it in a dictionary mapping
source file paths to the arguments passed to the compiler when processing
that file.
@type data_file: String
@param data_file: The output of our compiler wrapper. Each line contains
the arguments passed to a single instantiation of the compiler.
@rtype: Dictionary
@returns: A mapping from path-to-source-file to a list of strings where
each element is an argument that was passed to the compiler during
the compilation of the associated file.
fd = open(data_file)
except Exception, e:
log = logging.getLogger("load_project_data")
log.exception("Could not open %s")
log.exception("%s" % str(e))
ret = {}
with fd:
[__update_results(ret, __process_data_line(line)) for line in fd]
return ret
def __process_data_line(line):
"""Parse the arguments provided to one invocation of the compiler
@type line: String
@param line: A single line from the file logged by the compiler wrapper
@rtype: List of Tuple of (String, Set of Strings)
@return: A list in which each element is a tuple containing a source file
name and the corresponding set of compiler options
log = logging.getLogger("process_data_line")
line = line.split(" ")
skip_next = False
source_files = set()
args = set()
for arg in line:
# On a -o arg we want to skip the filename that comes next
if skip_next:
skip_next = False
if arg.endswith(".c") or arg.endswith(".cpp"):
path = os.path.abspath(arg)
if not os.path.exists(path):
log.error("Found a reference to %s but it does not exist" % \
elif arg == "-c" or arg == "-emit-ast" or arg == "-fsyntax-only":
# These would just be ignored by clang_parseTranslationUnit anyway
elif arg == "-o":
skip_next = True
ret = []
for f_name in source_files:
ret.append((f_name, args))
return ret
def __update_results(res, info):
"""Update the res dictionary with the source file to compiler argument
mappings in 'info'
@type res: Dict
@param res: The result dictionary to update
@type info: List of Tuple of (String, Set of Strings)
@param info: The new data to insert
@rtype: None
log = logging.getLogger("update_results")
for source_file, args in info:
if source_file in res:
prev_args = set(res[source_file])
if prev_args == set(args):
log = logging.getLogger("update_results")
log.error("%s was found before with different args")
log.error("%s != %s" % (str(prev_args), str(args)))
raise CompileArgsError()
log.debug("Compile args found for %s" % source_file)
res[source_file] = args