A Rust linter, purely for educational purposes
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A Rust linter, purely for educational purposes. It contains the following lints:

  • (WARN) Check that the number of arguments accepted to each function is not excessively large.
  • (WARN) Check that public constants are documented.
  • (WARN) Check that functions don't use overly deep nesting of expressions.
  • (WARN) Check that private functions, traits, impls, modules, enums and structs are documented.

See the modules in src/lints/ for implementation details. For further information see the Rust documentation.


Ensure you are using the nightly build of Rust (required for access to the lint infrastructure), then simply run cargo build in the root directory.


Adding pedantrs, or any compiler plugin, to the build process of your project is a two step process. First, you need to update the project's Cargo.toml file to add pedantrs as a depedency, then you need to enable the plugin at the crate level within your project.

See the demo folder for an example of an application which makes use of the linter. When you build this application pedantrs will be invoked and a series of warnings generated.