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//! Check that public constants have documentation
use syntax::ast::{Item, ItemKind, Visibility};
use rustc::lint::{EarlyContext, EarlyLintPass, LintArray, LintPass, LintContext};
declare_lint!(PUB_CONST_DOCS, Warn,
"Warn about public const items without documentation");
pub struct Pass;
impl LintPass for Pass {
fn get_lints(&self) -> LintArray {
impl EarlyLintPass for Pass {
fn check_item(&mut self, cx: &EarlyContext, i: &Item) {
if let (&ItemKind::Const(..), &Visibility::Public) = (&i.node, &i.vis) {
let doc_found = i.attrs.iter().find(|a| a.node.is_sugared_doc);
if let None = doc_found {
cx.span_lint(PUB_CONST_DOCS, i.span,
"public constant is missing documentation");
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