Designed algorithm with backtracking and multithreading for finding knight's tour in board of arbitrary size, equipped with an animated GUI.
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KTSolver, created by Zhiwei Jia, is the main class for this tool. This tool is aimed to solve the Knight's Tour puzzle and is implemented using traditional graph search algorithm with a a designed multi-threading technique. The Knight's Tour puzzle is an ancient problem, go to wikipedia for more information.

Size of the board has three options: 8x8, 6x6, or 5x5. Mostly of the problems can be solved within a few seconds, whereas some might take around 2 minutes, based on my test. Be patient while waiting for the result.


Compile it: javac Run it: java KTSolver. Welcome to my personal website to download the desktop stand alone version for this app (now available for Mac OS, and will come out soon for Windows).