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Sean's blog hosted at

You'll need a GitHub token for certain functionality

  • Generate a personal access token with public_repo permissions
  • Use that token to set the JEKYLL_GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable

This will allow the jekyll-github-metadata plugin to perform as expected and make things like edit links and the contributors page work correctly.

To Run

  • Install ruby, ruby devkit
  • gem install bundler
  • cd to the project's rood
  • bundle install
  • bundle exec jekyll serve should build the site and serve it at http://localhost:4000. For future posts, you can build with bundle exec jeykll serve --future true

To Run Checks Locally

For my own reference because I often forget how. 😄


  • npm install markdownlint-cli
  • Go to the root directory
  • markdownlint _posts


  • npm install cspell
  • cspell _posts/**/*.md