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Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015
Jun 13, 2015


Example SystemVerilog UVM Environment


A super simple DUT with a UVM verification environment to demonstrate how to construct an extensible UVM environment and directory tree.

DUT has a single host interface called with a simple protocol that I've called "host."

Verification environment has a single agent to drive and monitor the host interface.

Built with UVM 1.1d

Some Notes on Terminology:

Agents vs UVCs

Agents drive DUT specific Protocol.

UVCs drive (and monitor) company (or industry) wide protocols. UVCs often live in a repository that is independent of the DUT project repository.

Tests vs Sequences

Tests instance and configure the environment.

Test sequences drive the ordered set of transactions to the DUT.

Tests are not reusable by a higher level (chip, SoC, ..) environment, where virtual sequences are reusable.

This example's test_base instances the test sequence through a plusarg "UVM_VSEQ_TESTNAME."

Directory Structure

  • .dvt - config files for AMIQ DVT tool
  • src - rtl source -- the DUT
  • verif - verification code and scripts
    • sim - verification code
      • env - verification environment; specific to the DUT
        • agents - all agents that are DUT specific (agents that are general are called 'UVCs' and live in the lib directory)
          • host - the host interface agent
            • sequence_lib - the host interface sequence library
            • src - the host agent package: component and child components; config object; item object; interface
        • src - the environment package: component, config object, virtual sequencer
        • sequence_lib - the environment virtual sequence library
      • tb - testbenches -- all block and sub-block benches
        • rtl - the RTL bench for the DUT
      • tests - dut environment tests
      • lib - general library verification code
        • uvm
          • addons - company wide add-ons to UVM
          • extensions - company wide extensions of UVM source
          • release - the UVM library
        • uvcs - cross project "agents" called UVCs
    • tool_setup - everything required to build and run the environment
      • files - file lists
      • run - scripts to run, view waves, etc.

NOTE: at each level we create a 'src' folder in case there are any other folders (like 'doc') that would also reside in that folder


Example SystemVerilog UVM Environment



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