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This is a project I've recently just started working on again. Currently its using MuPDF as its backend. Currently only most pdf files work.


  • Saves last page number
  • Reads PDF files
  • Dark and light mode
  • Landscape reading view
  • Portrait reading view

Current State:

  • Most PDF files work, and all epub, cbz and xps files I've tested work.


  • Do some extra testing on file compatibility.
  • 2 pages side by side in landscape.
  • Touch screen for going to next page.
  • Hardware lock to prevent accidental touches (maybe Vol- ?) (?).
  • Save orientation, and dark mode settings.

Screen Shots:

Dark Mode Help Menu:

Dark Mode Landscape Reading (With the Switch horizonal):

Dark Mode Portrait Reading (With the Switch vertical):

Dark Mode Book Selection:

Light Mode Landscape Reading:


  • moronigranja - For allowing more file support
  • NX-Shell Team - A good amount of the code is from an old version of their application.


  • Release built with libnx release v2.4.0.
  • Uses freetype and other libs which comes with switch-portlibs via devkitPro pacman:
pacman -S libnx switch-portlibs

then run:

make mupdf

to build.

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