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Description: A state machine written in C designed to interface with one Arduino UNO microcontroller, four solar cells and two servo motors to charge two AAA batteries. Real-time self-adjustment of the solar panels in the x and y planes of motion was possible depending on the luminosity of the current light source.

In addition, an Anemometer was implemented to simulate wind speeds that could potentially inflict harm to the lightweight frame. Upon detecting gusts of 35 km/h and upwards, the panels immediately moved to a horizontal position of 180º. This essentially minimized the surface area that came into contact with wind. After 30 seconds, if the gusts had subsided, the panels would then begin the search for a sufficient light source once more.

Project Photos:

Solaris Montage

Solaris Side View

Solaris Front Solar Panels View

Solaris Servo Motors Sideview

Solaris AAA Batteries View