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Awarded 2nd place at HackingGood Toronto 2017

Description: A high-fidelity mobile app that facilitates meaningful connections between individuals and mentors based on common interests. More and more high-school students are enrolling into post-secondary education without knowing what's at the end of the tunnel which sometimes unfortunately leads to massive debt, more drop-outs and an overall decline in their mental health.

Spotlight aims to eliminate this by utilizing an AI assistant, Max, in combination with NLP to construct a personalized profile based on an individuals interests, location and future aspirations. Max then suggests a number of mentors who would provide insight into any questions the individual might have, allowing light to be truly shed on what life is like after university.

Technologies: Spotlight was brought to life with Adobe XD.

Team Members: Vimal Raghubir, Kabir Sakhrani and Sean Prashad.

Interactive Demo: Found here

Selected Project Pictures: