Sample of how to create a multi module project in kotlin
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Multiplatform Kotlin Project

This is intended to be a minimal example of how to test multiplatform project with a JavaScript and Java Virtual Machine module, that both depend on a common module.


  • Given a target, compose a string saying hello to that target, for example, for target "world", compose the string "Hello, world!"
  • There must be 3 separate modules, one for the Java Virtual Machine, one for Javascript, and one common module
  • Composing the string must be done in a common module
  • Composing the string must be tested from a regular module targeting the Java Virtual Machine platform
  • Composing the string must be tested from a regular module targeting the JavaScript platform
  • It must be possible to run both Java Virtual Machine and Javascript tests from a single command at the command line (for example, "gradle check")
  • The code must be 100% Kotlin.
  • (optional) Convert this to a kotlin-dsl project


Per the "UNLICENSE.txt file", feel free to modify and or incorporate any part of this document into your own documentation, I don't need credit, I need good documentation for this to exist.

How to run the tests

gradle test

Current state

I am putting together a presentation to promote Kotlin, and want to use Kotlin's common module as the main selling point unique to Kotlin. Unfortunately, being new to both gradle and multiplatform projects, I am having a really difficult time putting a sample together. I have already tried looking at KotlinAcademyApp for reference, but that one is way more complex than I need and is in fact so complex I have been unable to even get it to work with IntelliJ IDEA. kotlin-fullstack-sample is not workable either because it does not demonstrate testing. Any help getting this up and running with the minimal possible configuration would be appreciated, I think it would benefit the kotlin community to have a starting point like this to demonstrate the usefulness of common modules.

Current Issue

Executing gradle test launches the JVM tests but not the JavaScript tests.

How this project was created

  • Create a Kotlin (Multiplatform - Experimental) project
  • Set the root module name to "prototype"
  • Leave remaining settings the same, keep clicking "Next" and finally "Finish".