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#Get to Know Sean

##Approach Taken

This is my first project in General Assembly's WDI program. I wanted to create a game that is interactive to share some of my background.

-As a user, I should be able to start the game, which begins with a question.

-The user will have the option of guessing the answer. If correct, the flashcard will flip and reveal the correct answer.

-If the user gets tired of guessing and just want to know the answer, they can just flip the card to view the answer.

-If the user wants to add another card to the deck. they can click the add button to do so.

-When all the cards in the deck is used, the game will be considered complete, and user will be able to start over.

##Technologies Used

JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JQuery

##Installation Instruction

This project can be viewed on any web browser.

##Unsolved Problems

-I want to create a form that will open to add new card. The form should have a place for the both question and the answer. I didn't get a chance to figure this out yet.

-I want to separate the missed cards to go back to the back of the deck and give the user another crack at it at the end of the game.

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