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Malaria Data by District is a Shiny web application that allows users to generate summary statistics and visualise surfaces from the Malaria Atlas Project without the need to interact with the R coding language.

Malaria Data by District is a Shiny web application that allows the visualisation of data hosted by the Malaria Atlas Project.

The application allows selection of up to one country, all available districts within that country and up to four rasters for summary statistics generation and surface visualisation.

The application allows users to download a formatted R Markdown file for the generated statistics.


The 'Application' page is comprised of two main sections:

  • 'Inputs' where the user select a single country, any number of districts within that country and up to four surfaces.
  • 'Outputs' Where the rendered results appear under three tabs on the right-hand side of the application page.

Generate Statistic Button

When the generate statistics button is clicked, the application retrives summary statistics and raster layer visualisations for the selected input and renders them in the three output tabs on the right-hand side of the application

The application generates district-level summary statistics for a range of malaria indicators/malariometric data, as available by MAP. The aggregated district-level statistics enable the interpretation of disaggregated, high-spatial resolution trends (5 km x 5 km), at the administrative level.

The application allows user interaction and creates interactive visualizations such as maps displaying mean values for each district selected by the user.

Download Report Button TBC


Malaria Data by District has been developed using R and Shiny and is dependent on the following software and R packages:

R Language and environment for statistical computing and graphics
R packages
shiny Web Application Framework for R
RColorBrewer ColorBrewer palettes
malariaAtlas An R interface to open-access malaria data, hosted by the Malaria Atlas Project
shinydashboard shinydashboard
stringr stringr: Simple, Consistent Wrappers for Common String Operations
shinyalert Display a popup message (modal) in Shiny
shinyBS Adds additional Twitter Bootstrap components to Shinyshiny
shinythemes Themes for Shinys
shinycssloaders shinycssloaders
ggplot2 ggplot2: Create Elegant Data Visualisations Using the Grammar of Graphics
raster Create a RasterLayer object
sp A package providing classes and methods for spatial data: points, lines, polygons and grids
grDevices The R Graphics Devices and Support for Colours and Fontsshiny