RRE Server

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The RRE console is a SpringBoot application which provides real-time information about evaluation results. Each time a build happens (better, an RRE Maven Plugin happens), the Maven Reporting Plugin sends the evaluation result to a RESTFul endpoint provided by RRE Server.

The web console is an AngularJS app which gets refreshed with that incoming data. In the picture below you can see the RRE domain model on the left (e.g. corpus, topics, query groups and queries) and on the right, each column is composed by many sub-columns (one for each version). Within each version cell there's the metric value. Note that the console also provides information about trend/delta: beside the version columns there's a delta column which shows the difference, in terms of gain or loss, between subsequent versions.


The delta column provides coloured cells (red=bad, green=good, yellow=no difference) so you can immediately see if changes introduces in a given version actually produced an improvement or a loss, for a given metric.

There's more. Metrics, numbers and colours are great, but especially during the internal iteration phases, you may want to have a look at the results which produced those numbers.
Without the feature we're going to describe such analysis would be very hard: imagine what it could mean if you have 5 versions. You should start a standalone Apache Solr instance, create a core for each version, load the data in all cores, execute the query and check the results.

Fortunately, RRE collects, in the evaluation data at query / version level, the top n search results. In the web console, under each query, there’s a little arrow which allows to open / hide the section which contains those results.

In this way you can get immediately the meaning of each metric and its values between different versions. In the example above, you can immediately see why there’s a loss of precision (first metric) between v1.0, v1.1, which got fixed in v1.2.


Get me up and running

Shortly the v1.0 will be pushed out. Prior to that, other than cloning the project and build it, you can download the executable jar from (here)[https://github.com/SeaseLtd/rated-ranking-evaluator/releases/download/0.9/rre-server-1.0.jar]. Once you get the RRE Server jar, just execute the following command:

> java -jar rre-server-1.0.jar

Then, open a web browser and go to the following address:

Note that at the very beginning the RRE Server won't have any evaluation data, and as consequence of that the console will be empty. Only after a build The console will start displaying useful data (like in the screenshot above)

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