Add On Libraries

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Some useful add-on libraries:

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS) support includes: SimpleDB persistency service, SQS queing service and S3 storage service. Work on EC2, RDS and SNS support is in progress.
  • AJP connector for Seaside. Efficient communications between front end servers (Apache, Nginx) to backend Seaside instances.
  • ChartJs is a Seaside binding for ChartJS
  • DBXTalk Smalltalk to relational databases via OpenDBX and Glorp.
  • Gemstone Seaside a professional, supported OODB for Smalltalk.
  • Gettext How to localize Seaside applications using gettext.
  • Heimdall is a login identification system directly usable for seaside.
  • JQueryMobile Seaside integration - build mobile sites and applications that work across a range of smartphones with Seaside.
  • JQWidgetBox JQuery Widgets with Seaside integration
  • Magritte 3 a meta-description framework for annotating your model objects to automate generation of forms, tables, reports etc
  • Magritte-JSON and Magritte-XML, read and store your Magritte described models in JSON and XML
  • MaterialDesignLite binds the google's Material Design Lite project to Seaside and builds widgets on top of Material Design
  • MongoDB - driver and mapper.
  • mock objects framework with SSpec functionality
  • OAuth support - documentation and repository.
  • PDF generation.
  • Persistence data from your Seaside applications.
  • Pier 3 Version 3 of the powerful object-based content management system.
  • Pier 3 addons including Wysiwyg editing, Pier Admin - separate administration interface, Pier Admin setup - generate Pier sites from a set of templates
  • PrismCodeDisplayer is an implementation of Prism.js in Seaside
  • Seafox translate HTML into Seaside canvas methods, including a Firefox add-on.
  • SSpec BDD testing framework
  • STON - Smalltalk Object Notation - JSON compatible notation for Smalltalk.
  • TelescopeCytoscape is a connector to render Telescope visualization on web via Seaside
  • TopFeeder rss reader library.
  • Twitter bootstrap Seaside and Magritte integration. A modern CSS, javascript library integrated with Seaside. Bootstrap-Magritte combines Twitter bootstrap with the power of Magritte.
  • Willow is a Web Interaction Library that eases the burden of creating AJAX-based web applications.

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