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Seattle JS Hackers Slack


Seattle JS Hackers is an open and inclusive after-hours community of JavaScript hackers who learn and hack in JavaScript together. We are entrepreneurs, creatives, professionals, tinkerers, computer scientists, educators, marketers, and more -- all working to ignite and amplify our personal productivity and collaboration.

How we do it: We organize hacking sessions at WiFi-ready offices, cafes and bars around Seattle each week. Our hacking sessions encourage peer ideation and review, knowledge sharing, new champions for causes and projects, personal productivity, and a heightened sense of community.

If you want to to learn and hack with together, come join us!

Getting Involved

There are three main ways for you to get involved, depending on your experience level and career progression.

  • Learn JavaScript: If you're totally new to JavaScript, you'll probably want to learn it with us!
  • Find a Job: If you're comfortable with JavaScript and you're looking for your first job, we can help.
  • Build Something Cool: If you've been hacking JavaScript for a while, or if you're just looking for some real-world collaboration experience, join us!

Learn JavaScript

You can learn JavaScript with us! We can offer:

  • Introductory Curriculum
  • Free-Form Q/A
  • Code Review/Help

Here are some resources to get started:

We would ask that you:

  1. Keep track of your progress. Keep a journal or list of what you learn.
  2. Share your knowledge and learnings with other learners in the group!
  3. Consider taking a paid course, especially if you're looking for a more focused approach.

Find a Job

We can help you find a job as a JavaScript developer. We can offer:

  • Interview preparation
  • Resume critique
  • Portfolio feedback

Here are some resources:

We would ask that you:

  1. Keep track of your progress. - Where did you apply? - Did you get an offer? If so, what was it? - What were you asked?
  2. Share our names with any recruiters you interact with.

Build Something Cool

We would love to build something cool with you. We keep track of all of the project(s) that our members are working on, and we particularly encourage collaboration and a drive to ship early and often.

Here are some resources:

We would ask that you:

  1. Aim to build something novel or useful. Some metrics: - Do a Google search -- has it been done before? - Who actually wants this? Who would it help? - Would anyone pay for it?
  2. Share your progress with us.
  3. Keep a devlog!
  4. Hire one of our members if you can afford it (or if your project has a sponsor).