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Using PDFs and Excel spreadsheets generated by Kumon's proprietary CMS software, the program can automatically generate and send templated emails containing information about a student's performance at the end of each level.


  1. Install Python 3. Ensure the options for installing pip and adding python to PATH are selected. Detailed instructions can be found here.

  2. Install xlrd by opening the command prompt and entering pip install xlrd

  3. Download the program and relevant files.


General Overview

This program will accept end-of-level math and reading Excel spreadsheets generated by CMS. Based on that information, a folder for each passing student is created. Each folder will contain a copy of the email template, which has been filled in with the student's test information. Then, level completion reports are manually exported as PDFs into the respective student's folder and everything is sent out to the parent's email address. If the report cannot be sent, it is placed in a "To Print" folder.

File Breakdown

  • AchievementTestData.xls - Spreadsheet containing information on the suggested times and total scores for every test. Any changes to these totals can be made here, and new tests can be inserted as rows into the spreadsheet as long as the same formatting is kept.

  • TemplateEmail.html - Contains a sample email template formatted with html. Text formatted as ${id} refers to the columns found in the end-of-level spreadsheets generated by Kumon's CMS, and will be filled in with the corresponding student's information. These placeholders can be moved around, or new ones can be introduced, as long as the id matches the column header in the spreadsheets.

  • - Run this to start the emailing procedure and follow the on-screen prompts.

Relevant Technology

  • Python 3, HTML


A mostly automated solution for emailing reports to customers of a tutoring centre




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