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Art Gallery for Raluca Neferu

This is the first website that I have coded entirely by myself.

It was coded before the practice websites in the other repositories and, as such, does not make use of the many modern web technologies learned within them. For a website that does use all that I have learned since coding it, check out my personal website.

I used BEM methodology for the CSS code. I did not use Sass or postCSS, but I can and likely will use them for future projects.

I used em-measured, design-driven breakpoints for the media queries.

I did not use any code that I have not written myself for this site. That means no Jquery, no Bootstrap, no vendor scripts or stylesheets (except for google fonts).

The blog page originally contained all the blog posts the same way the gallery page contains all the gallery slides, with an analogous blog-scripts file providing a similar functionality. Ultimately, however, the ability to share and direct to specific posts was weighted to be more important than the performance gain from having a single page for all posts.

Also, the artist did not want to sacrifice any of the image quality for performance gain, so the images remain unoptimized.

The header, the gallery, and the slideshow are designed to be reusable. I will include them and any other reusable components I create in a lib repo that I will create once I have more such components.

I did not comment my code due to the personal nature of the site. However, websites made for paying clients or employers will be properly commented and easily maintainable.

An update is scheduled for August 2018 to make the site compatible in Safari and responsive in older IE versions, as well as further smooth out the blog posts layouts on all media breakpoints.

A couple of UX improvements are also scheduled for December 2018: 1) make the blog posts and about page vertically scrollable from any cursor position on the page, not just from inside the container div and 2) make the gallery slides switch back and forth by horizontal scrolling, not just click/touch events.

The site is not hosted here at Git Pages, but in my paid GoGeek account at SiteGround.

I hope you enjoy the website, and more importantly the artwork within it, at