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Let's Program in Kotlin – Multiplatform Game of Life

This repository contains the content and slides of my talk Let's Program in Kotlin held at the IEEE student branch at the university of Passau in June 2019.

Kotlin is a multi-platform, multi-paradigm programming language developed by JetBrains. In this talk, we’ll introduce the basics of the Kotlin language and its key concepts. We’ll look at what makes Kotlin different from other languages you might be used to, and share quality-of-life tips and tricks in the language that help you to get up to speed quickly.

During our live-coding sessions, we will show you from scratch how Kotlin Multiplatform can be used to build applications running on the desktop, the server, or the browser, without having to rewrite code multiple times.

During this talk, I build a multiplatform implementation of Conway's Game of Life. The code example and discussion with the participants tackles beginner topics when first learning Kotlin, all the way into the depths and particularities of the things you can do when writing Kotlin.

What's included?

  • The finalized multiplatform project simulating Conway's Game of Life.
  • My slide deck from the original talk as a PDF

How to run this code example

From the command line

./gradlew run

From your favorite IDE (IntelliJ)

Select the run Gradle task in the Gradle Tool Window or click the Play button next to whatever part of the project you wish to execute.

Want to hear this talk live?

This talk is heavily dependent on explanations throughout the live coding to make sure nobody gets lost. Of course, feel free to browse around the source and try to make sense of it all. If your university, usergroup, or circle of programmer friends would like to hear the talk in all its glory, please get in touch

  • twitter
  • via mail: firstname döt lastname {at}


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