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Twemoji-Amazing 💡

Like Font-Awesome, but for Twitter Emojis, and also, it's amazing! 🌟

An updated plug-and-play replacement for projects like twemoji-awesome! Now with over 3,500 supported emojis!



Getting the CSS file

You can either download the CSS file from the Releases page, or use a CDN such as JsDelivr:

Using the CSS classes

<i class="twa twa-face-with-monocle">

Size Options

Like Font-Awesome (and Twemoji-Awesome), emoji sizes can be changed via twa-lg, twa-2x, twa-3x, twa-4x, and twa-5x.

Finding Emojis

  • Twemoji-Amazing uses Emoji.json as its source of codepoints and descriptions.
  • To find an emoji of your liking, check out the official Emoji list. Replace spaces with hyphens to get the class name! (e.g. "film projector" becomes twa-film-projector 📽)

Note for Twemoji-Awesome users: Twemoji-Amazing is designed to be an almost-no-adjustments-needed replacement for twemoji-awesome. However, the naming scheme for twemoji-awesome was based on Emoji Cheat Sheet, which is now outdated. This means some emojis might have changed names.

Running the generator

./gradlew run will generate a fresh version of the twemoji-amazing file in the root directory of the project.

Licenses & Other

License: MIT.

Uses CSS snippets from twemoji-awesome, licensed under MIT.

As per the Twemoji repository, the graphics are licensed under the CC-BY 4.0 which has a pretty good guide on best practices for attribution. Please adhere to the attribution requirements when using these emojis.