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Pure Java-based linear algebra library
Java C++
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ArmadilloJava 4.000.0

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Provides a pure Java based linear algebra library with interfaces similar to the Armadillo C++ Algebra Library (Armadillo) by Conrad Sanderson et al., NICTA, Australia.

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute, please read the guidelines for contributions. Following these guidelines will help make your contributions easier to bring into the next release.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

API Reference for 4.000

Matrix & Vector Classes

  • Mat: Dense, real-valued, double-precision matrix
  • Col: Dense, real-valued, double-precision column vector
  • Row: Dense, real-valued, double-precision row vector

Member Functions & Variables

  • Supported: attributes, copy_size, diag, each_col, each_row, element access, element initialisation, eye, fill, i (inverse), insert_rows, insert_cols, in_range, is_empty, is_finite, is_square, is_vec, memptr, min, max, ones, operators, print, raw_print, randi, randu, randn, reset, reshape, resize, save/load (matrices & cubes), save/load (fields), set_imag/real, set_size, shed_rows/cols/slices, STL container functions, submatrix views, swap, swap_rows, swap_cols, t (transpose), zeros
  • Unsupported: colptr, eval, imbue, C++-like iterators, transform

Other Classes

  • RunningStat
  • RunningStatVector
  • WallClock

Generated Vectors & Matrices

  • Supported: eye, linspace, ones, randu, randn, repmat, toeplitz, circ_toeplitz, zeros
  • Unsupported: nothing

Functions Individually Applied to Each Element of a Matrix

  • Supported: abs, eps, exp, exp2, exp10, trunc_exp, log, log2, log10, trunc_log, pow, sqrt, square, floor, ceil, round, sign, sin, asin, sinh, asinh, cos, acos, cosh, acosh, tan, atan, tanh, atanh
  • Unsupported: conv_to

Scalar Valued Functions of Vectors/Matrices/Cubes

  • Supported: accu, as_scalar, cond, det, dot, norm_dot, log_det, norm, rank, trace
  • Unsupported: nothing

Scalar/Vector Valued Functions of Vectors/Matrices

  • Supported: diagvec, min/max, prod, sum, mean, median, stddev, var
  • Unsupported: nothing

Vector/Matrix Valued Functions of Vectors/Matrices

  • Supported: all, any, conv, cor, cov, cross, cumsum, diagmat, find, fliplr, flipud, hist, histc, inplace_trans, join_rows, join_cols, kron, reshape, resize, shuffle, sort, sort_index, symmatu, symmatl, trans, trimatu, trimatl, unique, vectorise
  • Unsupported: nothing

Decompositions, Factorisations, Inverses and Equation Solvers

  • Supported: chol, eig_sym, inv, lu, pinv, princomp, qr, qr_econ, solve, svd, svd_econ, syl
  • Unsupported: nothing


  • Supported: is_finite, pre-defined constants (pi, inf, speed of light, ...)
  • Unsupported: nothing


Version policy


3.920 (Intitial release)


Distributed under MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2013-2014 Sebastian Niemann and contributors.