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Solves and analyses optimisation problems
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Version 0.70.0

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Mantella is an efficiency-focused C++14 header-only library for analysing and solving optimisation problems. As it only depends on the C++ standard library, Linux, Windows and Mac OS X support is a given.

Our goal for version 1.0 is to combine a high-performance, self-accelerating optimisation experience with an easy to use API.


Download Mantella and copy the include folder's content into the system's default search path for header files.

wget -O mantella.tar.gz
tar -xzf mantella.tar.gz -C /usr/include --strip-components=2 --wildcards Mantella-master/include/mantella*


#include <mantella0>
#include <iostream> // Used for std::cout
#include <iterator> // Used for std::ostream_iterator

int main() {
  // ... Your company code.

  // Adds your own optimisation problem.
  mant::problem<double, 2> my_problem;
  my_problem.objective_function = [](const std::array<double, 2>& parameter) {
    // Or your own objective value calculation ;)
    return std::accumulate(parameter.cbegin(), parameter.cend(), 0.0);

  // Optimises your problem. Selects and tunes the optimiser automatically at each invocation.
  const mant::optimise_result<double, 2>&& result = mant::optimise(my_problem);

  // Prints out the best parameter and its objective value
  std::copy(result.parameter.cbegin(), result.parameter.cend(), std::ostream_iterator<double>(std::cout, " "));
  std::cout << "-> " << result.objective_value << std::endl;

  // Continuing your company code ...

  return 0;

Got a Problem or Question?

If you have a question about how to use the Mantella C++ optimisation library, please direct these to StackOverflow, or ask us directly on Gitter.

Found an Issue or Bug?

If you found a bug in the source code or a mistake in any kind of documentation, please let us know by adding an issue to the Github Issue Tracker.

You are welcomed to submit a pull request with your fix afterwards, if at hand.

Requesting a Feature?

If you are missing some features within Mantella, feel free to ask us about it by adding a new request to the Github Issue Tracker labelled feature request.

Note that submitting a pull request, implementing your requested feature, usually speeds up the process.


Distributed under MIT license.

Copyright (c) 2013-2017 Sebastian Niemann and contributors.

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