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This plugin extends the existing gradle-cobol-plugin for unittests.

This gradle plugin is based on the existing github project cobol-unit-test.

The new source code if fully backward compatible, but enables new features:

  • No redundant configuration (the plugin provides a default-configuration for all tests)
  • Fast and simple test execution by gradle with the task :cobolUnit
  • Simple testcoverage computation with task cobolUnit computeTestCoverage . This task generates a cobertura-testcoverage xml file.
  • Integration tests (full application + ressource build)
  • Integration tests with specific ressource files

Gradle-cobol environment

Further Reading:

Supported versions

Compiler Code format unit test unit test testcoverage integration test integration test coverage
GnuCobol / Open Cobol 1.1 fixed full support full support --- ---
GnuCobol 2 fixed full support full support full support full support
GnuCobol 3rc fixed full support full support full support full support


Add the plugin to the gradle-cobol-plugin classpath:


plugins {
	id 'de.sebastianruziczka.Cobol' version 'latest'

Or hardcode specific versions in your build.gradle (not preferred):

plugins {
	id 'de.sebastianruziczka.Cobol' version '0.0.40'


pluginManagement {
	repositories {
		maven {
			url ''

Comparison unit <-> integration tests

unit test integration test
gradle command testUnit testIntegration
testcoverage available 1) available 2)
compile strategy compile test and target compile all cobol sourcefiles
ressource strategy no ressources available use sources in /res/main/cobol and res/integrationtest/cobol/<testname>
additional env variables COBC_INTERACTIVE='N' COBC_INTERACTIVE='N'
failing test kills check yes yes
  1. set unittestCodeCoverage = true in your build gradle and execute tasks testUnit computeTestcoverage

  2. set integrationtestCodeCoverage = true in your build gradle and execute tasks testIntegration computeIntegrationTestCoverage

Unit tests

File conventions:

  • Source file (target): <module>/<filename>.<cobol.srcFileType> e.g. CRTDB/MAIN.cbl
  • Test file : <module>/<filename><cobol.unittestPostfix>.<cobol.srcFileType> e.g. CRTDB/MAINUT.cbl
  • Note: properties starting with cobol. are configured in your cobol-block in your build.gradle

Integration tests

  • Source file (target): <module>/<filename>.<cobol.srcFileType> e.g. CRTDB/MAIN.cbl
  • Test file : <module>/<filename><cobol.integrationtestPostfix>.<cobol.srcFileType> e.g. CRTDB/MAINIT.cbl
  • Test ressources: <cobol.resIntegrationTest>/<module>/<filename>/ e.g. res/integrationtest/cobol/CRTDB/MAIN/. All items in this folder will be copied in your build/exectution-directory of our integration test. Ressources from res/main/cobol will be replaced.
  • Note: properties starting with cobol. are configured in your cobol-block in your build.gradle

Example with default settings:

Source Directory:
	- src/main/cobol/CRTDB/MAIN.cbl
	- src/main/cobol/CRTDB/OTHER.cbl

Test Directory:
	- src/test/cobol/CRTDB/MAINIT.cbl --> Integration Test

	- res/main/cobol/CRTDB/database1.db --> ressource version
	- res/main/cobol/CRTDB/database2.db --> ressource version

Integration test ressources
	- res/integrationtest/cobol/CRTDB/MAIN/CRTDB/database1.db --> integrationtest version

The cobol integration test for the file CRTDB/MAIN.cbl will contain the following files:

Integration test directory:
	- $dir/CRTDB/
	- $dir/CRTDB/
	- $dir/CRTDB/database1.db --> integrationtest version (replaced ressource version)
	- $dir/CRTDB/database2.db --> ressource version


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