Tappable elements don't work with attributed text #82

cruffenach opened this Issue Mar 1, 2014 · 2 comments

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When I set the attributedText property of the label links aren't tappable. When just setting the text property they become tappable


You are right. It's because you have to use -[STTweetLabel setAttributes:] and/or -[STTweetLabel setAttributes: hotWord:].

The concept of STTweetLabel is to provide a simple and efficient way to transform a text into a tweet (like you can see on Twitter app, Tweetbot,...).

If you want to add this feature, just fork this repository and you can update it as you wish.

Thank you for your interest 😌


Hey @SebastienThiebaud, thanks for your feedback. I did fork and add a few things that make the library a little more forgiving for lack of a better term. If there is a reason for these requirements I'm not seeing let me know.

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