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Realtime retrospective tool built in ASP.NET Core and Blazor
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Icon Return

Retrospective tool built in ASP.NET Core and Blazor

Licensed: GNU GPL v3.0

Build status CircleCI Github CI


  • Realtime retrospective app, ideal for remote teams
  • Shortcut support:
    • Ctrl + lane number for adding notes or groups
    • Ctrl + delete for deleting focused note
  • Create password protected retrospectives
  • As facilitator, lead the retrospective through the writing, grouping and voting phase.
  • Overview with highest voted items

Browser Support

Developed and tested on:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox


Download the release for your OS from the releases tab or download the cutting edge builds from AppVeyor.

Follow the installation instructions in the documentation to install it.

Building Return from sources

If you prefer to build the application yourself, please follow the compilation instructions in the documentation.


Create a retrospective

Create retrospective

Joining a retrospective

Join retrospective

Writing down findings

Writing phase



Voting on items


Finish and review

Review Overview


Contributions are allowed and encouraged. In general the rules are: same code style (simply use the included .editorconfig), and write automated tests for the changes.

Please submit an issue to communicate in advance to prevent disappointments.


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