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Stories in Ready jQuery Rondell

This is a jQuery plugin for displaying galeries and other content.

See the documentation page for a live demo and examples.

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  • jQuery - 1.5.2 or better
  • Modernizr - This library tests the browser for feature support and adds classes to the body tag. We use this for css fallbacks in our themes.

Both are also provided in the libs folder.

If you don't want to use the Modernizr library you can remove the .cssgradients, .borderradius, .rgba and .boxshadow classes in css/jquery-rondell.css.

Required files

Copy dist/jquery-rondell.js to your javascript folder. Copy dist/jquery-rondell.css to your css folder.

There are also minified files in the dist folder.


If you like demos more than a boring documentation see the index.html file and play with it.

The plugin can be called with jQuery in different ways.

Standard call with default settings:


Where myElement is the class of the items you want to display as rondell.

Rondell content

If myElement is an image, it is directly used and the title will be used as text overlay when hoverd.


See the documentation page for the options.


Read this chapter if you want to modify or extend the rondell.

The plugin is written in coffeescript and the css with sass. The sources are provided in the src folder.

So you can either work with the compiled .js and .css files in your project or use the coffeescript and sass files.

I have provided a Gruntfile which starts the watcher daemons, when your editing .scss, .jade and .coffee files. This requires node.js and coffeescript installed on your computer.


Please send me an email with any feedback you have or contact me on twitter @sebobo.



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