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  • [TASK] Add composer support - thanks to Daniel Herrmann


  • [TASK] Don't create smallipop instances when selector is empty.
  • [TASK] Divided scss into separate files so they can be included more easily.
  • [TASK] Added package.json with correct dependencies for developing.


  • [BUGFIX] Uppercase nodeName before checking if element is HTML - thanks to Christian Weiske
  • [TASK] Added badge
  • [TASK] Added bower.json
  • [BUGFIX] Hint class was wrong in readme
  • [BUGFIX] Tests are running again


  • Wrong position of arrow when scrolling and smallipop realigns itself
  • Mouseout for trigger works again


  • Done a lot of refactoring. Minified versions of js and css lost some KB.
  • Tooltip arrows are now using :after and :before pseudo elements. Thanks to for this patch. These arrows won't show up when using IE7 and earlier.
  • All css classes are now using dashes. This simplifies a lot of things and makes the plugin more consistent. You should check your custom themes.
  • The default inline hint class is now smallipop-hint instead of smallipopHint. But this is still available as option, so you can use your old smallipopHint class.