SecSign ID PHP Interface for two-factor authentication for PHP web applications.
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SecSign ID PHP Interface


SecSign ID Api is a two-factor authentication for PHP web applications.

This PHP API allows a secure login using a private key on a smart phone running SecSign ID by SecSign Technologies Inc.


  • Include the PHP API SecSignIDApi.php in your project.
  • Request an authentication session
  • Show access pass to user and save session parameters
  • Get session state
  • React to the state and have the user logged in

Check out the included example test.php to see how it works or have a look at the how to use tutorial or visit for more information.


  • SecSignIDApi.php - the file contains two classes SecSignIDApi and AuthSession. The class SecSignIDApi will care about the communication with the ID server
  • example.php - a small test script
  • curl-ca-bundle.crt - the allowed CA certificates


The SecSign ID PHP Api is also used in the wordpress plugin as well as for the php bridge in the SecSign ID Javascript Api

For further information about the wordpress plugin see the tutorial


SecSign Technologies Inc. official site: