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Second Career Devs Guest List

These are guest names I gathered in the fall that I plan to reach out to. If you have a second career story you'd like to share, please submit a PR to add your name and I'll contact you for details. Thanks!

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| Full Name | [social-media-handle](url-to-social-media-profile) | Previous Career | ❌ | ❌ |

If you prefer not to share your contact info publicly you can email me directly at

The List

Name Contact Info Scheduled? Recorded?
Paul McBride @ThePaulMcBride Military
Sonia Gupta @soniagupta504
Claire Niederberger @clairenied Exhibit/Environmental Design
Bobby Johnson @notmyself Developer Advocate @ Auth0
Andrew Cook @codingwcookie EMT
Madison Kanna @MadisonKanna Fashion Model
Joel Griffith @griffith_joel Jazz Trumpet Player
Shannon Kendall @snkendall_ Actress
Chris Bedowidtz @CBedzz Finance
Jamon Holmgren @jamonholmgren Home Construction and Design
Kelly Furness @knfurness Teacher
Emily Freeman @editingemily Writer
CodeRabbi @coderabbi Marketer and Rabbi
Caitlyn Tetmeyer @CaitlynTetmeyer Peace Corps
Kate Travers @kttravers Art
Vaidehi Joshi @vaidehijoshi Writer
Saron Yitbarek @saronyitbarek Writer
Sal Hernandez @clickclickonsal Mechanic
Johnny Grubb @JohnnyGrubb Musician
David Kaye @dfkaye Outreach Ministry
Oliver Turner @oliverturner Law
JR Frazier @jr_frazier1
Aimee Knight @Aimee_Knight Figure Skater
Ken Wheeler @ken_wheeler What hasn't this guy done?
Jessica Grist @thehackstress Dancer, Costumer, Teacher
Matt Rasband @mattrasband Financial Advisor
Aaron Trank @AaronTrank Christian Minister
Niko @codeswitched ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Whitney Williams @whitneyhacks Fine Arts
Kye Hohenberger @tkh44 Construction
Sarah Drasner @sarah_edo Teacher
Chris DeMars @saltnburnem Truck Driver
Shane Barringer @shanebarringer B2B Sales
Ryan Florence @ryanflorence Sales
Marty Himmel @MartyHimmel Dental Technician
Tracy Lee @ladyleet CEO of Food Startup
Seán Stickle @seanstickle VP & Chief Strategy Officer at the Physician Assistant Education Association
Shawn Wang @swyx Options Trader/ Hedge Fund Analyst
Telmo Goncalves @telmo Warehouse Worker
Christina Gorton @coffeecraftcode nanny, housekeeper at nursing home, stay at home mom
Kat Reinhart @katreinhart Neuroscientist
Rich Finelli @rich_ard_f Software Trainer/Tech Support
Yechiel Kalmenson @yechielk Rabbi/Teacher/Tech Support
Ross Kaffenberger @rossta Science Teacher
Jerome Hardaway @JeromeHardaway Air Force
David Pine @davidpine7 Landscaper
Chloe Condon @ChloeCondon Actress
Rick West @rick_west8 Plumbing & Heating Engineer
Shane Harper @rise_and_shane93 Insurance Sales
Grant Glidewell @GrantGlidewell Drug & Addiction Recovery Consultant
Ryan Hamblin @RyanLeeHamblin Outdoor Education
Kara Luton @karaluton Music Publicist & Ballerina
Scott Tolinski @stolinski AV Tech, Accountant, Video Editor
Santiago Esteva @sesteva Hotel Mgmt, Events Organization, Director Architecture
Drew Clements @drewclemcr8 Tattoo Artist, Graphic Designer
Milecia McGregor @FlippedCoding Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer
Mike Behnke @LocalPCGuy Newspaper Printer
Angel Garbarino @angelgarbarino Economist and Bartender


List of past and potential guests for Second Career Devs



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