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A new Information Repository for the No Man's Sky community.
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Visit the Repository

This is the home of the code that runs the No Man's Sky Information Repository.

The Repository is a project to have all the information about the game available and easily searchable/linkable. It doesn't store information about specific planets (or other things in the game) that have been discovered.

How to contribute

This repository uses git flow.

  1. Fork this repo
  2. Create a feature/ branch off develop. e.g. feature/the-blob
  3. Make your changes
  4. Push your changes
  5. Create a pull request
  6. Wait for it to be merged
  7. Congratulations, you just contributed!

Adding into to the repository

The generator is still being worked on, so for now the only way to do this is to contact secret_online directly


Thanks to these people in addition to those who have committed straight to GitHub.


Also a big thank you to the NMS Origins team, who have helped with the (small bit of) integration with their site.

This project will likely be a mess for a long time, as I am using it to learn some stuff. You're welcome to help tidy it up if you'd like.

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