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A countdown until the release of No Man's Sky.
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No Man's Sky Countdown

Visible on GitHub pages.

A countdown until No Man's Sky is released.

Well, it would be a countdown if we knew the release date. As soon as we have a date, we will have a countdown.
In the mean time, there's a countdown to various events instead.

we have a goddamn countdown to a video that is going to be 5 minutes long talking about one feature of no man's sky. Damn we are drug addicts and scraping the bottom of the barrel. less than 6 hours though ;)

Want to see your art here?

This is a fan project. It also happens to be one that a lot of people see. As such, I want to provide a space where other talented people can show their work too. If you want to see your stuff on here, there's two ways you can go about it.

  1. Send me a message on reddit. Be sure to include some name to credit you by, and optionally a link to a website, blog, profile, etc. that your name should link to.
  2. Fork this repository, add your stuff, then make a pull request. Just make sure you have the rights to it. If you made it, then that shouldn't be a problem.


This project

While this project doesn't have a specific license, it was not intended for commercial use. If you'd like to use portions of this repo, go ahead.

That said, this also contains resources that others might have the rights to. They are either credited below, or when their work is being shown. Please ask them, or check their licenses, before using those resources.

If your work is here and I haven't given you credit for it, please send me a message/email. I'll try work things out with you, so that this countdown can stay as useful as it can.

Other things used here

All icons are from Google's Material Design Icons. You can find them on GitHub, along with the license.

GeoSans NMS was taken from the official No Man's Sky website. If someone knows who to credit for this, I would be happy to acknowledge them here.

Roboto Mono is being used as the typeface for the countdowns. License is available to read.

Background images are from the No Man's Sky website as well, as part of the Press Release kit.
There are also a few screenshots of the space stations taken from one of the videos IGN released as part of IGN First July, where they looked at No Man's Sky.
Other images have been made by fans of the game, and posted to /r/NoMansSkyTheGame. Artist recognition is given below the countdowns whenever it's used as a background. If I've missed any out, let me know. I'll be happy to credit artists here.

Music has been used with the permission of the artists.

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