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A quick IRC bot in Node.js to go on the #nomanssky snoonet channel
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##This repo is still here for legacy purposes. It is now maintained in secret_bot and IRCord.

An IRC bot written in Javascript.

Uses the following Node.js modules:

irc for irc connection
hotload for auto-loading changes without having to restart the bot

Run npm install to install them.
Once that's done, you're ready to go.

It may be useful to make a batch/bash script to easily start the bot.

Not included in this repo


I wouldn't want to give my password away, would I.


Crash (and user) reports go here.


      "user": "username for the bot",
      "realName": "another name",
      "pass": "password for the bot",
      "server": "address of a server",
      "channels": [
  "admins": [
    "usernames that can do a couple of things"


Go ahead.

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