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Riyu is a cool, modern, and minimal portfolio template that is super easy to customize.
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Riyu is a cool, modern, and minimal portfolio template that is super easy to customize.

Whether you just want to add your information to create a page or edit styles and sections to add your own flair, Riyu has you covered.

Live Demo


  • Super lightweight and loads ridiculously fast (no external dependencies except a few font icons)
  • Mobile-first and fully responsive
  • Minimal and modern look
  • Hack the built html template or recreate from source
  • Easy to edit data file to quickly add your info in (src/data.json)
  • Easy to edit common styles using SASS variables
  • Comes with a watch and build system with no customization necessary (livereload!)
  • SASS preprocessor
  • Liquid templating (Jekyll, Nunjucks)


You can use Riyu on two ways, by editing the raw html/css (use as is), or use data file/build system to customize Riyu more. It also features a Live Editor (beta) to more easily bootstrap your own page.

Live Editor


Riyu Editor is a companion web app that allows you to easily add your own content for Riyu. The editor creates both a ready built html file you can drop on your server and a data.json file for use on Riyu's build system.

Fair warning: this was a bit of a weekend hack, and I have not covered all edge cases. Use with caution.

Try it now

Editing the raw html/css

The easiest way to edit Riku (without any setup at all) is to simply edit the built files (index.html) and adding your information.

Use data file/Customize template


  1. Fork/Clone the repo
  2. Run npm intall or yarn install to install dependencies
  3. Run npm start/yarn. This will start a watch server that automatically live reloads as you make edits!

You can also run yarn build to build your files without starting the livereload server.

Use data file

You can customize most of Riku's data by editing the src/data.js file. Excerpt:

  projects: [
      name: 'Combustion',
      description: 'Combustion is a sleek, modern web client for the transmission bittorrent client.',
      tags: ['React', 'Javascript', 'Webpack', 'Mobx', 'CSSModules'],
      alt: 'Combustion Screenshot', // alt description of image for accessibility. defaults to '{{name}} Screenshot'
      img: 'combustion.png',
      url: '//'
      name: 'Merc-01',
      description: 'Merc-01 is a fast paced twin-stick shooter built on top of pyglet.',
      tags: ['Python', 'WebGL', 'Pyglet'],
      img: 'merc-01.png',
      url: '//'

Once edited, you can run npm run build/yarn build and it will edit the index.html file to add your data. The watch server also watches this file so you can edit the data file while developing.

Customize template

Template files liquid are located in src/templates, and they are built to index.html

SASS files are located in src/scss and they are built to css/index.css

The majority of styles are extracted, and you can easily change the Riyu's theme/colour scheme by editing the stylesheet's variables

$mobile: "(min-width: 460px)";
$tablet: "(min-width: 768px)";
$desktop: "(min-width: 1024px)";

$main-color: #f04;
$main-text-color: #fff;

$info-color: $main-color;
$info-text-color: white;

$tag-color: #eceff5;

$muted-color: #eaeaea;
$footer-color: black;
$footer-text-color: white;
$footer-alt-color: $main-color;

For example, simply edit $main-color to change the Riyu's main color scheme (reddish tint by default).



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