Combustion is a sleek, modern web interface for Transmission
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Combustion is a sleek, modern web interface for Transmission


Latest Releases are available at:

Install by changing Default Web Theme

Simply move the files from the release archives (unzipped) to Transmission's web theme folder:

Linux: ~/.local/share/transmission/web/ OSX: /Applications/

Install through Docker

sudo docker build -t combustion .
sudo docker run -d --restart=always -p 80:80 --link some-transmission container combustion

Install by pointing transmission to a custom directory

Transmission can allow you to point to a different web theme using the environment variable TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME.

Move the files from the released archives (unzipped) to a folder (i.e. ~/.combustion/combustion-release). Then point the environment variable to that location (export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME="$HOME/.combustion/combustion-release")

Example script when using the transmission daemon:

Prepare the paths
mkdir ~/.combustion && cd ~/.combustion

Download and unzip the new theme into path ~/.combustion:
rm -f && wget && unzip;

Edit environment with "vi ~/.profile" and add/replace as below:
export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME="$HOME/.combustion/combustion-release"

Edit crontab with "crontab -e" and replace as below:
@reboot export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME="$HOME/.combustion/combustion-release" && /usr/local/bin/transmission-daemon

Stop then restart the daemon:
export TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME="$HOME/.combustion/combustion-release" && transmission-stop && transmission-daemon;



  • Remote setup (Addable server)
  • Installable Desktop app (Combustion-Remote)
  • Update Notice/OTA Updates
  • Service Worker Support
  • Standalone server?
  • Native Mobile apps?

Special Thanks

This project is built from the excellent transmission web interface reimplementation react-transmission