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WordPress Responsive Multipurpose Theme - Secretum

  • Contributors: SecretumTheme
  • Requires at least: WordPress 4.8
  • Tested up to: 5.2.1
  • Version: 2.1.0
  • License: GPLv2 or later
  • License URI:
  • Tags: one-column, two-columns, three-columns, right-sidebar, left-sidebar, flexible-header, custom-colors, custom-header, custom-background, custom-menu, custom-logo, editor-style, featured-image-header, featured-images, footer-widgets, post-formats, sticky-post, full-width-template, threaded-comments, theme-options, blog, e-commerce, translation-ready

Secretum is a highly customizable fluid-responsive cross-device multi-purpose WordPress theme created for both beginner and advanced WordPress users.


Secretum is a highly customizable fluid-responsive cross-device multi-purpose WordPress theme created for both beginner and advanced WordPress users. Create beautifully unique websites with the 400+ individual customizer settings. The most novice of user can setup a Secretum website in minutes, while advanced users can rapid deploy multiple websites with different settings for every Website with ease. Use a child theme if you need a completely unique looking website design, otherwise a child theme is never needed; switch between layouts and color pallets directly within the Customizer. Secretum - Build Faster, Better & Smarter!

For Support, Bugs & Feature Requests

Submit an Issue if you need assistance, found a bug, or if you would to request a feature!

Github Install & Updates

Install the free Secretum Updater Plugin to allow Secretum downloaded from Github to update like other themes.

  1. Open releases and download the current version of Secretum Github Release
  2. Unzip the file and open, rename the (secretum-#.#.#) directory to 'secretum' (all lowercase), then re-zip the secretum directory naming the zip file
  3. In your admin panel, go to Appearance -> Themes and click the 'Add New' button, then click the Upload Theme button and upload the file
  4. Click on the 'Activate' button to use Secretum

WordPress Install & Updates

The 'wordpress' branch is a forced merge 'master' with the Github updater removed. The best way to install the WordPress release of Secretum is through the WordPress admin.

  1. In your admin panel, go to Appearance -> Themes and click the 'Add New' button
  2. Type in Secretum in the search form and press the 'Enter' key in your keyboard
  3. Click on the 'Activate' button to use Secretum

Theme Setup

  1. Set the Primary Menu
    • Open: Appearance Menu > Menus Link
    • Create a new menu if needed
    • Set the menu to the 'Primary Navbar' location or another preset location
  2. Add Widgets
    • Open: Appearance Menu > Widgets Link
    • Add Widgets to Sidebar Right
    • Add Widgets to Footer Left, Footer Center, Footer Right.
  3. Set Base Color Palette
    • Open: Appearance Menu > Customize Link > :: Theme Design > Base Color Palette
    • Select a base color palette the theme should use


  1. Adding a Logo
    • Open: Appearance Menu > Customize Link > :: Site Identity > Branding
  2. Adjusting the Primary Nav
    • Customizer > :: Primary Nav
  3. Seting a Header & Footer Background Color
    • Customizer > :: Header > Wrapper > Background Color
    • Customizer > :: Footer > Wrapper > Background Color
  4. Adjusting the Copyright Area
    • Customizer > :: Copyright > Copyright Statement
    • Customizer > :: Copyright > Wrapper > Background Color

Blog Setup

  1. Pages menu > Add New - Name the Page & Slug: Blog
    • No content body is needed
  2. Set the Post page to the newly created Blog page
    • Settings > Reading
    • Under "Your homepage displays" > Select "A static page (select below)"
    • In the Post page dropdown select Blog

Frontpage Setup

  1. Pages menu > Add New - Name the Page & Slug: Front Page
    • Add temporary text content as a placeholder
  2. Set the Homepage to the newly created Front Page, page
    • Settings > Reading
    • Under "Your homepage displays" > Select "A static page (select below)"
    • In the Homepage dropdown select Front Page
  3. Add Front Page Features
    • Customizer > :: Frontpage
    • Add Custom Heading Content and adjust container
    • Enable a Google Map

Return to the Pages admin and customize the Front Page page as desired.

Primary Nav Menu

  • By default the "primary menu" displays below the header area. The location can be moved to either; below/above the header area, or left/right of the website name/logo. Adjust the location within the Customizer > :: Primary Nav > Display Settings > Menu Location Dropdown.
  • Fresh WordPress installs with no menu location defined will display the published Sample Page for all users. If no pages are published, the primary menu for non-admins will display a Home link while admins will see a Create a Menu link. Otherwise menus with the location set to "Primary Menu" will display.
  • To define a new Primary Menu, open Appearance > Menus. Use any name you like for the menu name, then click the Create Menu button. Under the Display location section click the "Primary Menu" check box. Add your menu items, save the menu, then view the published changes.
  • Menus will display 5 levels deep. Parent menu items are clickable. Menu item names should be short, one or two words. Customizer alignment settings for the primary nav and menu items behave differently depending on the menu location.


** Trying to keep a list of features

  • Built for all skill levels
    • First-time users can have a Website ready for use in less than 1 minute
    • Any user can highly customize the look, layout, style, and colors within minutes
      • The customizer uses primarily checkboxes and dropdowns, keeping it simple
  • WordPress Customizer Features
    • Currently over 400 unique settings and growing
    • No CSS rendering in document head for most customizer features
    • Enable / disable all major theme areas (header, footer, sidebars, post author, etc)
    • Adjust all front-end Theme/WordPress text (Translations via Customizer)
    • Adjust the color, font, spacing of most theme elements/features
    • Change theme color palettes within the Customizer
  • Built using Bootstrap 4 SCSS / CSS
    • Highly compatible, mobile first, responsive, modern features, continually updated
    • Major browser compatibility
    • Major portable device compatibility
    • Enable/Disable Bootstrap Scripts within Customizer > :: Globals > Enqueue Management
  • Bootstrap 4 Extended Features for WordPress
    • WordPress adapted SCSS / CSS
    • Standard WordPress classes and selectors used
    • Minimal new class names to learn and remember
  • JavaScript/jQuery is enabled by default
    • Secretum is fully functional without JavaScript, assuming no other Plugins require JavaScript
    • Enable/Disable bundled scripts, theme scripts, Bootstrap scripts, jQuery, and others
  • Foundation Icon Fonts (283 Icons)
  • Automatic Better Font Awesome detection & integration
  • Simple to use lightbox (disabled by default)
    • Enable/disable feature within Customizer > :: Globals > Enqueue Management
  • Code Follows WordPress Standards
    • Theme Check Compliant
    • Core Rule Set Compliant
    • Best Practices Compliant
    • Documentation Standards Compliant
    • Coding Standards Compliant

Manual Tested With: WordPress themeunittestdata.wordpress.xml and WooCommerce sample_products.xml

** Other Features

  • WooCommerce Compatiable
    • Templates designed for improved conversion rates over flare
    • Templates designed to work with JavaScript disabled
    • All standard WooCommerce features included
  • Contact Form 7 compatible
    • Beautified




MIT Licensed Resources packaged with Secretum. Due to GDPR compliancy reasons Secretum does not use externally linked resources.

Built With / Credits


A highly customizable fluid-responsive cross-device multi-purpose WordPress theme.





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