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  • updated data to patch 3.11
  • affixes can be locked onto an item to simulate crafting on fractured bases
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Updated data to PoE 3.10.1d (added notables for shield and aura cluster jewels)


Added support for Sanctified Fossils.
Mod weight bonus/penalty = 1% * (required level - 40).

Data from 1000 Sanctified + Pristine rolls available here

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  • Fixed two cluster enchants that were linked to the wrong jewel size.
  • Fixed search function not parsing notable mods correctly.


  • Can mouse over a notable mod to see the notable's full text.
  • Restricted enchantments to the appropriate size cluster jewels.


  • All mod data updated to 3.10.

  • Cluster Jewel crafting enabled

    • YOU MUST ADD AN ENCHANTMENT in Mod View -> Enchantment tab in order to be able to roll notable mods.
    • There is currently no restriction on the enchantment you add to a cluster, but in reality large clusters can only have damage enchants, medium clusters utility, small clusters defenses
  • Delve-only and Incursion-only mods are shown in Mod View under the "special" tab.

  • Forced fossil and essence mods are shown in Mod View along with weighted mods.

  • Added a search box for Mod View; removed the group expanders so mods are always shown when not filtered by search.

  • Added options to import currency prices from Standard or Delirium leagues.

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  • Import currency rates (chaos equiv) from and edit them in Options -> Currency Data.
  • Bulk craft results show expected costs.
  • Stats are graphed by cost as well as probability. The cost graph uses a log scale.
  • Results with different currencies are combined into one graph for comparison, as long as the targeted stat and filter are unchanged.


  • Items mods ordered prefixes before suffixes.
  • Graph Y axis shows % of rolls instead of total number of matches.
  • Implemented enchantments and added a tab in Mods View to show them w/ weights. This is mostly prep for cluster jewels.
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Video demo of new stuff:

  • Graphing the DPS distribution of foils crafted with chaos vs jagged vs jagged-corroded-prismatic
  • Awakener's Orb sim via locked mods
  • Metacrafting sim via post-roll actions


  • Graph the distribution of any mod stat, item property, or weighted total that you specify in a filter.
  • Added most searchable pseudo-stats and item properties from the official trade site to filter options.


  • Significantly improved simulation speed when different mod groups rarely interact (that's most crafts aside from weapons and jewels).
  • Added option to fill prefixes/suffixes, for simulating metacrafting or alt-aug rolling.
  • Enabled manually locking affixes, for scuffed Awakener's Orb sim or for fractured mods.


  • Color-coded influenced mods and fossil mods in mod view.
  • Added progress bar popup while processing large batches (default >20k items, adjustable in .config).
  • Added .config option for mod view to expand all mod groups by default.
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  • You can now search through your mass crafting results with a trade-site-esque interface.
    * Example:
  • There are only a few pseudo stats pre-defined for searching at the moment.
    * You can define your own in user_pseudo_stats.json, following the format of the examples inside.
    * They're basically custom weighted searches that you can save for repeated use.


  • Positive fossil modifiers now stack additively, to be consistent with test results.
  • Corrupted Essence mods from Glyphic/Tangled now obey weight modifiers from other fossils.
  • Prevented crafting +quality mods on an item that already has a +quality mod.
  • Tentatively added 1% mod weight per 1% matching catalyst quality for all currencies.
    * All I got from testing with 200 rolls is that the effect is very little, if any at all.
    * It could be that catalyst quality only affects currencies that remove quality - that'll be the next thing to test.
    * You can turn the bonus off or change it to anything in App.config


  • Mod preview now shows each weight as a percent of total rollable affix weight.
  • Made mod preview ignore existing mods on item when reroll currencies are selected (chaos, alch, alt, trans, essences, fossils).


  • Fixed problem exporting items to PoB due to bad rare item name formatting. Right-click anywhere on an item or the mass-craft area for the option to copy one or all items to clipboard.
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Core features ready for testing