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Acorn Electron core for the FPGA Replay.
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Acorn Electon core for the FPGA Replay

Please refer to acorn_electron/sdcard/ for usage/status information.

A series of blog posts covering this core are available on my website


Building requires a checkout of the Replay Common repository.

The build scripts expect both this repository and the replay_common repository to be cloned into the same parent directory.

For a list of build options:

python --help

To build all supported platforms run:


To build a specific target

python --targets R1


cd acorn_electron python infer --target R1

Where target can be R1, V4 or any new Replay platform target.


Most code is provided under the FPGA Arcade License. Some files include a non-commericial clause.

Please refer to the header comments of individual vhd files.

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