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This repo is intended to extend the resources publicly provided by the Spanish Health Ministry and other Regional Health Agencies in Spain.

We have put together 11 datasets for the different Autonomous Communinites in Spain at different administrative levels.

Unfortunately, mantaining up to date data for the province level is extremelly hard and time consuming. We don't have the resources to mantain all of these datasets. If you want to collaborate and help out, get in touch with us.

At the Autonomous Autonomy Level (CCAA)- 3 Datasets

CCAA-SerieHistorica - Aggregated by and downloaded from

CCAA-DatosCasos - previous dataset, Enriched with IDs and GeoData by Autonomous Autonomy, plus daily changes (calculated)

CCAA-CapacidadHospitalaria - Data retieved and digitized from

At the Regional Level (Provincias)- 8 Datasets

ES-AN-DatosCasos - Provinces of Andalucía - Agregated by

ES-AR-DatosCasos - Provinces of Aragón - Agregated by

ES-AS-DatosCasos - Provinces of Principado de Asturias - Aggregated by

ES-CB-DatosCasos - Provinces of Cantabria - Aggregated by

ES-CL-DatosCasos - Provinces of Catilla y León - Aggrgated by

ES-CM-DatosCasos - Provinces of Catilla La Mancha - Aggrgated by

ES-EX-DatosCasos - Provinces of Extremadura - Agregated by

ES-CV-DatosCasos - Provinces of Comunidad Valenciana - Aggregated by

In addition to the datasets, we have stored all the official repots from the Ministry we have used to build the datasets.


Unfortunately reports are hard to retrieve, and data is usually hardcoded in prss notes. This isse becomes the raison-d'etre of this project.

We have digitized and organized reports and data, in order to make analysis by third parties easier and faster, as we believe that speed is paramount.

There might be some differences between the reported data and the dataset we have assembled. We have been correcting issues when wsa factual mistakes in the reporting. Unfortunatelly, We gouldn´t fill all the gaps.

This project is a WIP. Structure might change over time.

Repository Structure

The repo is structured by the format of the files supporting the data.

|- datos-ccaa-csv
|- datos-ccaa-json
|- informes-ministerio-salud
|- informes-ISCIII
|- informesMoMo

File Name Structure

File Naming Convention: covid-19-Country-RegionalDivision-Category

  • Country: GeoId - ES for Spain
  • Regional Division - ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
  • Category

Regional divisions

Aggregated at the Autonomous Comunity Level: CCAA $codigo_iso_ccaa

CCAA nombreCcaa codigoIsoCcaa
Andalucía Andalucía ES-AN
Aragón Aragón ES-AR
Asturias Asturias ES-AS
Illes Balears Baleares ES-IB
Canarias Canarias ES-CN
Catabria Cantabria ES-CB
Castilla - La Mancha Castilla-La Mancha ES-CM
Castilla y León Castilla y León ES-CL
Catalunya Cataluña ES-CT
Ceuta Ceuta ES-CE
Comunitat Valenciana Comunidad Valenciana ES-CT
Extremadura Extremadura ES-EX
Galicia Galicia ES-GA
Comunidad de Madrid Madrid ES-MA
Melilla Melilla ES-ML
Murcia, Region de Murcia ES-MC
Nafaroa Navarra ES-NC
Euskadi Pais Vasco ES-PV
La Rioja La Rioja ES-RI

Aggegated at the Province level

Table to be created. Visit The API page of for a complete table.

Data Structure

At the autonomous community level (CCAA)

file: covid-19-ES-CCAA-DatosCasos.csv

nombre clave Descripcion Description data source
fecha fecha informe report date ISO 8601
codigoIso_Pais codigo GeoId / ISO country name ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
nombrePais nombre del pais country name
codigoIso_Ccaa Codigo INE de la CCAA Autonomous Community ISO Code ISO_3166-2:ES
codigoIneCcaa Codigo INE de la CCAA Autonomous Community INE Code INE
nombreCcaa Nombre de la CCAA Autonomous Community Name
casosConfirmados Infectados acumulado Infected cumulative,
casosHospitalizados hospitalizados acumulativo hospitalized cumulative
casosUCI pacientes en UCI acumulado Intensive Care cumulative
casosFallecidos Defunciones acumulado Deaths cumulative,
casosRecuperados Recuperados acumulado Recovered cumulative
casosConfirmadosDiario Nuevos casos infectados New infected (1)
casosHospitalizadosDiario Nuevos ingresos hospitalarios New hospitalized (2)
casosUCIDiario Nuevos casos UCI New intensive care (3)
casosFallecidosDiario Nuevos fallecidos diario New deaths (4)


  1. new infected cases are calculated. The formula used is: casosConfirmados(t) - casosConfirmados (t-1)

  2. new hospitalized cases are calculated. The formula used is: casosHospitalizados (t) - casosHospitalizados(t-1)

  3. new intensive cases are calculated. The formula used is: casosUCI (t) - casosUCI(t-1)

  4. new death cases are calculated. The formula used is: casosFallecidos (t) - casosFallecidos(t-1)

Relevant Info about the data published by the Ministry

casosUCIis a subset of casosHospitalizados

casosConfirmadosis not the result of adding casosHospitalizados ,casosFallecidos and casosRecuperados. These stauses are not mutually exclusive

  1. Regarding the series of casosHospitalizados and casosUCI, some CCAA are providing prevalence data, while others are providing absolute agregatted data, and the Health ministry is passing along these differnt criteria in the same series.

At the Regional Level (Provincias)

file: covid-19-ES-AN-DatosCasos.csv file covid-19-ES-AR-DatosCasos.csv file covid-19-ES-AS-DatosCasos.csv file covid-19-ES-CB-DatosCasos.csv file covid-19-ES-CL-DatosCasos.csv file covid-19-ES-CM-DatosCasos.csv file covid-19-ES-CV-DatosCasos.csv file covid-19-ES-EX-DatosCasos.csv

DOCUMENTATION IN PROGRESS Structure to be documented, but it is quite similar to the previous one.


file: covid-19-ES-CCAA-CapacidadHospitalaria.csv

file: covid-19-ES-CCAA-CapacidadHospitalaria.json

nombre clave Descripcion Description Source
nombrePais nombre del pais country name
codigoPais codigo GeoId country ID ISO 8601
nombreCcaa Nombre de la CCAA Autonomous Community Name
codigoCcaa Codigo INE de la CCAA Autonomous Community Code INE
numeroHospitales Hospitales por CCAA Number of hospitals by Autonomous Community (1)
camasHospitalarias Camas hospitalarias por CCAA Number of hospital beds
camasAgregadas camas añadidas al sistema Aditional hospital beds added N/A

(1) Data updated by source on 13/12/2018 (2)The parameter camas_agregadas is a placeholder for the extra capacity being added to the system - hotels, campaign hospitals,...

Same resources in different output form

Webpage with the latest Data

Google Sheets endpoint

Data by Ministry of Health (datos-ministerio-salud)

We have added al the reports we have retreived form the official website of the Spanish Health Ministry. These files have different naming structures and the data presented is not homogeneus.

The whole set of URLs from which reports were downloaded can be found here.


All the data can be donloaded and used for free. It would be nice if you just mention us, and spread the word.

Contact Us

You can contact us at


Data from the Spanish Health Ministry and other Spanish official sources of the for the covid-19 outbreak. All regions, most provinces included. Updated daily







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